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"Don't let the challenges overshadow the joys. Every moment, every milestone, every smile is a triumph worth celebrating.

You deserve to savor the beauty of motherhood just as much as anyone else. Embrace the journey, and let the love and light of your child shine through."

Markeisha Hall

Hi, I'm Markeisha Hall

IEP & Parent Coach


This is my Story


I am a IEP and Parent Coach, but more importantly than that I'm am a mom of 4 wonderful kids, and married to my college sweetheart(he is also a special education teacher) I have facilitated over two dozen IEP meetings annually as a member of the Assessment Team while I was in the classroom as a Special Education Teacher and advocated to help parents be more impactful members at the IEP table. 

In 2018 we adopted our youngest son and during that process he was diagnosed with autism, and even prior to knowing that peaceful parenting was a thing we decided that we would parent our kids different from how we were raised.

So now I bridge the two, my IEP and Parent expertise into coaching services to help you  take the lead on your child's educational roadmap, create more inclusive educational and recreational experiences, and learn new parenting tools. Through my signature 7-step Unique approach in her exclusive PEP Squad- Parent Advocate Community



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