Tap Into Your Child's IEP


Lead your child’s educational journey

By doing an IEP consultation you can:

  • Walk into your child’s IEP meeting knowing you and your child’s rights
  • Ensure your child’s IEP is designed with them in mind
  • Save time searching for IEP help on the internet
  • Gain more time to focus on your child’s other needs
  • Be confident in what is going on at the IEP table

Stop The Overwhelm

At Hallegacy LLC we know you want to lead your child’s educational journey, master their IEP process, and experience inclusive recreational activities. In order to do that, you need to know that your child needs are being taken seriously.

The problem is the perceived fight with systems that do not take your child into account which makes you feel exhausted, helpless, mad, and stressed. . We believe that your child is worthy of all possibilities they are able to do. We understand the feeling of needing to fight, as a mom with a child with special needs which is why we use our professional knowledge and expertise as a credentialed special education teacher, M.A in Early Childhood Special Education to partner with you.




A Parent Advocacy Program. 

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