It's a process... with Dr. Nicole Arkadie

In this episode we talk to the Mental Wellness Expert Dr. Nicole Arkadie on an common thing that parents have shared upon learning about their child's diagnosis and that is grief.  Not in the terms of wishing they had a different child, or that they have lost something,  it comes from a deep love of not knowing how to help and what will the future hold for their baby.

Grief is only one part of the process, with the end being acceptance.  Take a listen as Dr. Nicole Arkadie walks us through the steps.

Dr. Nicole Arkadie is a Mom of three beautiful children, an International Speaker, Professor, Mental Health Therapist, Wellness Coach, a Business Owner of a thriving mental health group therapy practice, Arkadie Counseling & Wellness Center, and a fast-selling author of inspirational books for women.

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