Markeisha Hall's Podcast

Markeisha Hall's Podcast

Hosted by: Markeisha Hall

Markeisha Hall empowers special needs parents by eliminating the barriers and overwhelm of raising a child with special needs by partnering with you to gain the tools needed to lead your child’s educational journey,...


Trusting the Process- Chatting with Autism Mom Gabriella Wright

Gabriella has 2 wonderful boys that are both on the spectrum. We dive into the diagnosis of her older son at the age of 2, 14 years ago.  She gets real about parents being the expert of their child and going through...
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The A word...

In this episode Andre and Markeisha Hall discuss the importance of parents of kiddos with special needs to be an advocate for their child.  They talk from both a special education teacher and parent perspective.  They...
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When you first learn that you are going to be a parent you are sooo excited thinking of all of the things you will do with your child.  Once you receive a diagnosis that your child has a disability it can feel like...
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Bonus Episode 1- Special Needs Dad Chat

Special needs dads have an important part of raising a child with special needs. We get to have 2 autism dads talk about a few things and get their perspective on things.  If you want to here more about this topic and...
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Welcome...I'm glad you are here

#001 Getting to know Markeisha Hall an autism mom and former special education teacher who is on a mission to create more inclusive educational and recreational opportunities for families with special needs. You can...
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